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For many of those living in or owning businesses in Etobicoke, ON, the right vinyl fence, vinyl deck, or other type of property addition can add tremendous value. Fences provide barriers and privacy while decks make it possible for homeowners to enjoy the outdoors in the comfort of their own homes and businesses either to make their outdoor areas more comfortable for their employees or to add usable space that can generate profits.

Customers who come to us wanting to get more use out of the outdoor space on their property often choose a vinyl deck. One of the reasons for this is that a vinyl deck requires very little maintenance compared to other types of decks. In fact, vinyl typically lasts for decades with little to no maintenance. By comparison, planks in wood decks may become warped or otherwise damaged due to the elements, sometimes in spite of intensive and expensive maintenance efforts.

Cleaning vinyl is also relatively easy. In fact, nearly all of the cleaning for a vinyl fence or deck is handled by the rain, which washes off debris. Some people also use a cleaning solution, which can be hosed off once it is applied. By contrast, some other types of decks require much more extensive care.

While vinyl is the top choice among customers for whom durability and minimum maintenance are the priorities, many of our customers come to us looking for wood decks. Wood decks are less expensive in terms of the initial costs of materials and construction, but they require more maintenance over the years. They offer a classic look that is prized by many homeowners and business owners for its warmth and tradition. We are proud to offer wood constructions and other options in addition to vinyl so that every homeowner and business owner who turns to us can get what they need.

Of course, some people turn to us not knowing what they need, want, or can afford for their home or business in Etobicoke, ON. In such cases, our team members will be more than happy to speak with them about their options and help them to determine whether a vinyl fence, a vinyl deck, or a fence or deck of another material would be their best option.

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